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The Summit League and Sanford Health are teaming up to bring awareness to type 1 diabetes. Currently, there are 1.25 million Americans battling type 1 diabetes. While the condition occurs at every age and in every race, most of those diagnosed are children. More than 70,000 children under the age of 14 are newly diagnosed with this life-changing condition each year. 



  • Clinical trial options for all stages of T1D
    • Prevention: How to stop the disease before the onset.
    • New Onset: How to preserve beta cell function by rebalancing the immune system.
    • Established: How to improve care and develop new medications and devices for people with T1D.
  •  T-rex Study milestones:
    • March 2016: Study was opened
    • December 2017: Fully enrolled


  • 2020 - Sanford Health has launched a PLEDGE to screen children for Type 1 Diabetes. More information can be found here.
  • Nearly 10 percent of Americans are affected by diabetes, with over one million new diagnoses made each year. 
  • Type 1 diabetes is typically diagnosed in juveniles and those affected juveniles stay on insulin therapy for life.
  • "New ways of monitoring blood sugar and dosing insulin are coming," said Griffin, M.D., Ph.D. "But until we figure out a way to keep the body from attacking itself, we are limited to replacing insulin the body can no longer make.  This is lifesaving, but it requires constant vigilance, and there is no way to take a break from therapy. That can be very frustrating."
  • Research approaches are focused on three fundamental problems of the disease: autoimmunity, regeneration, and prevention:
    • Autoimmunity: Stopping the immune system's attack on the body's insulin-producing beta cells
    • Regeneration: Harnessing advancements in regenerative and personalized medicine to stimulate repair mechanisms and reboot insulin-producing beta cells
    • Prevention: Identifying children at high risk and intervening before the onset of autoimmunity


2021 #BeatType1 Game Schedule

January 3, 2021 Omaha MBB & WBB vs. Oral Roberts
January 8, 2021 South Dakota State MBB & WBB vs. Western Illinois
January 8, 2021 Kansas City MBB & WBB vs. South Dakota
January 23, 2021 North Dakota State MBB & WBB vs. Denver
January 23, 2021 Western Illinois MBB & WBB vs. South Dakota
January 29, 2021 South Dakota MBB vs. Omaha
January 30, 2021 North Dakota WBB vs. Western Illinois
February 13, 2021 North Dakota MBB vs. South Dakota
February 26, 2021 Denver MBB & WBB vs. Omaha
February 28, 2021 Oral Roberts MBB vs. Western Illinois