2017 Summit League
Cross Country Championships

Oct. 28, 2017


Bluffs Golf Course

The 2017 Summit League Cross Country Championships will be contested at Bluffs Golf Course for the first time in league history.

Vermillion, S.D.

Vermillion is a city in and the county seat of Clay County, in the southeastern corner of the state of South Dakota, and the eleventh largest city in the state. According to the 2010 Census, the population was 10,571. The city lies atop a bluff near the Missouri River. Vermillion was founded in 1859 and incorporated in 1873. Home to the University of South Dakota, Vermillion has a mixed academic and rural character: The university is a major academic institution for the state, boasting the state's only law and medical schools and accredited business school.

Tournament Central

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Date Home Score Away Score Time Links
Sep. 01     Fort Wayne  
Sep. 01     North Dakota State  
Sep. 01     South Dakota  
Sep. 01     South Dakota State  
Sep. 01     Omaha  
Sep. 01     Western Illinois  
Sep. 02     Oral Roberts  
Sep. 08     Western Illinois  
Sep. 08     North Dakota State  
Sep. 08     South Dakota State  
Sep. 09     Fort Wayne  
Sep. 09     Oral Roberts  
Sep. 15     Western Illinois  
Sep. 16     South Dakota  
Sep. 16     Omaha  
Sep. 16     Oral Roberts  
Sep. 23     Fort Wayne  
Sep. 23     North Dakota State  
Sep. 23     South Dakota  
Sep. 23     South Dakota State  
Sep. 23     Omaha  
Sep. 29     South Dakota State  
Sep. 30     Fort Wayne  
Sep. 30     North Dakota State  
Sep. 30     Oral Roberts  
Sep. 30     Western Illinois  
Oct. 13     Fort Wayne  
Oct. 13     South Dakota  
Oct. 13     Omaha  
Oct. 13     Western Illinois  
Oct. 14     North Dakota State  
Oct. 14     South Dakota State  
Oct. 14     South Dakota State  
Oct. 14     Oral Roberts  
Oct. 28     Fort Wayne %  
Oct. 28     North Dakota State %  
Oct. 28     South Dakota %  
Oct. 28     South Dakota State %  
Oct. 28     Omaha %  
Oct. 28     Oral Roberts %  
Oct. 28     Western Illinois %  
Nov. 10     Fort Wayne %  
Nov. 10     North Dakota State %  
Nov. 10     South Dakota %  
Nov. 10     South Dakota State %  
Nov. 10     Omaha %  
Nov. 10     Oral Roberts %  
Nov. 10     Western Illinois %  
% Post season
Bold team: Home event

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